About Landscape – 2002-2006 ( No.2 )

Excerpt from the Essay by Hagai Segev  “Fields of Flowers and Contemplation”, in the catalog of the exhibition “Farideh Paintings 1970 – 2006”
In recent years Farideh has set out to decode the infinite repetition inherent in abstract. The search for total perfection draws her repetitive decoration from the attempt to arrive at absolute exhaustion. Still, she always feels that something has nevertheless remained unexhausted. The meaning of the pattern stems from the study or recollection of the landscape discussed earlier; it is a single, boundless landscape which she paints over and over again. An echo reverberates on the paper in a gradually expanding variation. The pressure to complete the infinite landscape depiction is also the pressure of time, the need to manage and illustrate the non-demonstrable, and the eternally unreachable. In fact, Farideh’s works are endless variations on a single theme that will never come to exhaustion.
Exhibition : Farideh, Paintings 1970 – 2006 “Before and After the Rose”, Solo exhibition , Tel – Aviv Artists’s House 2006 . Catalog.

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