With White 1980 – 1981

Excerpt from the Essay by Joana Stark in the Magazine “Israel Economist” , May 1982. Oil Paintings on Canvas, titled “With White”.
Farideh born in Persia, she emphasizes the impact that nature had on her painting. Teheran has four full seasons and the strong sunlight enhances the effect of each on vision.
Her summers were spent in the family’s Persian Garden (“there you even sleep nights”), where the exotic lush vegetation affected her imagination. Farideh a child prodigy, started learning oils at nine. …… At 14, she won the first prize for painting in Iran’s “high schools art competition”.
Farideh resumed painting in Germany, and also studied Fashion Design there. …….. Following the development of her creation since living in Israel, one establishes her quick response to the Israeli climate and environment ( especially Jerusalem’s topography, sky, light, wind).
Her recent works are created by dry brush strokes of pure oil on canvas, where the white of the canvas has been allowed to show through. The quality of her works make it clear that they are a purely artistic affair and not a reproductive illusion of nature.

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